Land Clearing Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

Ensuring that your land is appropriately cleared for your oil & gas operation will ensure that any infrastructure development and future site operations go smoothly. TREE EATER has the services and equipment to support your oil & gas development project. 

Oil & Gas Lease Development and Maintenance

Lease developments are a significant undertaking for any business in the oil & gas industry. Ensuring the land is appropriately cleared is one of the first steps in ensuring the success of your development project. Trees and vegetation left behind can impact any infrastructure you may be developing for your oil & gas operation. 

TREE EATER’s Oil & Gas Lease Development services can efficiently clear any trees and vegetation on the land you plan on developing. Our team and fleet are capable of performing large-scale land clearing. We have the capabilities to support your operation from start to finish. If your project requires maintenance after development, we can help.

Pipeline Right of Way Development and Maintenance

Ensuring your pipeline Right of Way (ROW) is properly cleared keeps your pipeline running safely and efficiently, and it also makes maintenance easier. Over time, pipelines can be compromised by overgrown vegetation. Trees and brush can cause structural as well as maintenance problems. Keeping a pipeline ROW clear of trees and brush also ensures that you meet regulations. TREE EATER can support your oil & gas operation with our Pipeline ROW Development and Maintenance services. 

We can help clear the Right of Way for new pipeline developments and support your company with maintaining existing ROWs. With our land clearing and mulching services, you can be sure your pipeline will not be impacted by vegetation.