Land Clearing Services for Infrastructure Development

One of the first steps of your infrastructure project involves properly clearing the land. Your team will be unable to progress with construction if trees and brush occupy the land you plan to develop. Klassen Blade Contracting can assist your infrastructure project with our land clearing and mulching services. We can support with utility line clearing, trail development, power transmission land clearing services and more.

Utility Line Clearing

Utility lines are significant investments and also dangerous pieces of infrastructure; this is why you must properly clear the land for a new utility line. Clearing and maintaining the utility line can keep your infrastructure and the surrounding community safe. A utility line is threatened when a tree grows to the point it comes in contact with a utility line; this contact can cause:

  • Fire
  • Electrocution 
  • Loss of power

Klassen Blade Contracting can help ensure that your utility line project has sufficient clearance around it so it never gets to the point where trees and other foliage can impact your infrastructure. We have the equipment to properly clear the land for your utility line development, and we can cover extended distances.

Trail Development

Trails are great recreational activities; however, these systems also require planning, land clearing and effective management. For it to be a recognized trail, it must be approved by the landowner, mapped, marked and actively managed and maintained. 

Klassen Blade Contracting can take your trail design and execute new trails or update existing ones. KBC’s trail development services can help you meet your trail’s clearing limit parameters. This process includes clearing vegetation, like trees, brush, stumps, roots and debris within the trail corridor. 

Contact Klassen Blade to find out more about our trail development services.

Commercial and Residential Lot Clearing 

If trees and other vegetation occupy the land you plan to develop for a commercial or residential project, they can halt construction. Lots must be properly cleared to ensure that construction can progress smoothly and safely. 

Lot clearing is the first step in the construction phase of a commercial or residential project. Klassen Blade Contracting can remove trees, vegetation, and other obstructions from your lot. We also work to ensure tree roots do not become an issue down the road.

Our lot clearing services are designed to help prevent erosion and ensure that your commercial or residential property’s land remains solid and safe.

Our equipment and experience are capable of handling lot clearing projects of various sizes.

Power Transmission

Ensuring that the land is cleared for power transmission development is integral for the success of your infrastructure project. Klassen Blade Contracting can support your development project by clearing land for power transmission lines. 

Power transmission lines can cover a lot of ground with different terrain. Therefore, you need a land clearing team with the experience and capabilities to clear large areas. 

Campsites and Recreational

Lot Development

There are many benefits to a community having outdoor spaces such as campgrounds and recreational areas. When you are looking at an area that has a lot of trees and vegetation, it is important to have that land properly cleared for your recreational lot development project to progress. 

The KBC team can efficiently clear away any trees and brush that need to be removed. Our mulching process is also environmentally friendly, as we eliminate the need to pile and burn trees that have been cut down. Our land clearing techniques also provide minimal ground disturbance and do not damage feeder roots of neighbouring keeper trees. So while you may need to make space for tents and playgrounds, you still want to keep your trees thriving to create an inviting outdoor space; Klassen Blade Contracting’s campsite and recreational lot development services can help you do that.