The Benefits

Klassen Blade Contracting applies our years of experience to provide you with the best land clearing and mulching services possible. We have adopted a process that benefits your operation whether you are working in the oil & gas, municipal, commercial or agriculture sectors. Here are just some of the benefits of working with Klassen Blade Contracting for your next land clearing or mulching project. 

  • One Time Process

We understand how valuable your time is. Instead of coming back to your site multiple times and enlisting various contractors, our team and machines are capable of completing the job from start to finish.

  • No Burning

The mulching process does not use the conventional method of pile and burning. Our land clearing techniques eliminate many worries for our customers. For example, we don't have to work around and monitor the weather in dry conditions. As well, fire watches do not impact your project. There are no harmful C02 emissions sent into the atmosphere and as much impact on the environment by not burning the vegetation.

  • No Fire Permits

Since Klassen Blade Contracting's tree and vegetation removal process eliminates burning, there is no need for fire permits. Fire permits are time-consuming both to acquire and work within the permit restrictions regarding the weather and wind patterns.

  • No Brush Piles

The brush piles left from burning can cause a lot of problems for you after the land clearing company leaves. Cleaning up those brush piles can be troublesome for you and your team. They are also unsightly and limit the ability of crops to grow afterwards. You won't have to worry about leftover brush piles with KBC's land clearing services.

  • No Liability of Burning

With our mulching process, we eliminate the need for you to acquire fire control permits, freeing you from the risk and liability of wildfires.

  • Minimal Ground Disturbance

KBC has the capability to mulch to ground level or above ground level, meaning we disturb the ground as little as possible. Our low ground pressure equipment also allows us to work over underground utilities and in soft conditions.

  • Soil Structures

Our land clearing techniques do not damage soil structure, which impacts feeder roots of neighbouring (keeper) trees.

  • Hauling Costs

We understand how much of a hassle and expense cleaning up after land clearing can be. When you work with KBC, we can help eliminate the cost of hauling and disposal of debris by grinding trees and brush into soils. 

  • Erosion

There can be environmental impacts when working with land clearing companies. However, Klassen Blade Contracting uses techniques to eliminate erosion and runoff problems associated with conventional land clearing methods.

  • Increased Value

When you use our selective clearing strategy, it increases the value of your farmland, lot or acreage.