General Land Clearing Services

Klassen Blade Contracting offers a wide range of land clearing and mulching services to meet the needs of your project and property. We offer forest thinning, grubbing, stump removal and vegetation control services for businesses, government organizations and property owners throughout Alberta. If you would like to learn more about our land clearing services, contact our team today.

Forest Thinning

Over time forests can become quite dense with trees, brush, and tangled dead plants. This vegetation can cause many issues. If you plan on developing the land, it can make the area almost impenetrable for your team. 

By thinning a forest, you can reduce the stress on trees caused by competition and pests. This process can improve habitat conditions for wildlife. You are also able to reduce potential fire hazards. 

Klassen Blade Contracting’s machinery is specially designed to clear away densely forested areas. Our machines mulch the plants instead of using pile and burn methods that could harm the environment; this also means there is no cleanup for you afterward.