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Don’t let conventional land clearing methods eat away at your project’s timeline and funding. Klassen Blade Contracting provides environmentally-friendly land clearing and mulching services to move your development project forward.

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Klassen Blade Contracting specializes in brush mulching and land clearing for oilfield, commercial, agriculture, and residential clients throughout Alberta. We provide “no-burn” land clearing services with the most efficient and environmentally safe methods; with our mulching machines, we can grind down trees and brush in minutes.

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Reach out to Klassen Blade Contracting, and we can provide you with an estimate for your land clearing or brush mulching project.


Build a plan
The Klassen Blade team works to create a plan that addresses your project’s unique situations, including eco-friendly tactics, joint ventures and funding requirements.


Clear your land
Whether you require our services for an oil & gas, commercial or agriculture project, we effectively clear the land while meeting all your project’s requirements.

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