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Conventional pile and burn land clearing methods create many problems for your operation; this is because pile and burn techniques release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Burning also can delay your project as you have to wait for the right weather conditions, permits and clean up. So, whether you are clearing land for an oil & gas development or lot clearing, these outdated land clearing methods complicate matters for your project progression and the environment. 

Klassen Blade Contracting can support your project with land clearing and mulching services that are environmentally friendly and experience-driven. Our land clearing methods, large fleet of equipment and established partnerships can help your land clearing project move forward efficiently.

The Klassen Blade team can support various industries, including oil & gas, municipalities, agriculture and residential owners. We offer land clearing services like utility line clearing, trail development, forest thinning and vegetation control. If you require seismic exploration, after timber clean up or even support with FireSmart - Klassen Blade can also support you. 

Find Klassen Blade Contracting's complete list of land clearing and tree mulching services below...