Land Clearing Services for the Agriculture Industry

Clearing trees and unwanted vegetation can be an overwhelming task without the right equipment and industry knowledge. You also have to have enough time to manage any unwanted vegetation growth. So, whether you are growing crops or raising a herd, land clearing services can support your agriculture operation. Klassen Blade Contracting is here to help you with pasture renovation, fence line clearing, vegetation control, clearing farmland for development and more.

After Timber Harvest Clean Up

There can be a mess left behind after trees are harvested for timber. Tree tops, stumps, limbs, and other broken vegetation are discarded on the forest ground. This debris blocks sunlight from reaching the soil, preventing new plant growth. The debris left behind can also become a fire hazard.

The clean-up after timber harvesting is an important but also tedious task. Klassen Blade Contracting can help remove any slash left behind from your harvesting project, so you don’t have to. With our mulching equipment, we can efficiently grind up any unwanted debris. This technique is also more environmentally friendly when compared to traditional pile and burn methods. Pile burning can also be challenging as you must rely on weather conditions or smoke restrictions. Mulching allows you to continue with your project without working around the weather.

Land Management and Pasture Renovation 

There are many benefits to managing your farmland and performing pasture renovations. With proper land management and pasture renovation services, Klassen Blade Contracting can help decrease soil erosion, improve vegetation growth, reduce runoff, and improve your animals’ living conditions.

Our team and equipment can assist with the removal and control of unwanted vegetation, as well as preparing the ground for your farm’s plans.

So, whether you are maintaining existing farmland, preparing new pasture or breaking land for farmland expansions, KBC can help clear and manage your agricultural property. 

Vegetation Control

Trees and shrubs can encroach on your farmland, impacting the growth of your crops. KBC can help your farm prevent unwanted trees/shrubs from taking over your agriculture business. 

Our team can expertly remove unwanted trees, brush and more without harming your crops or animals. You can have peace of mind knowing that all our land clearing services are environmentally-friendly.

Fence Line Clearing

Whether you are putting in a new fence line or replacing existing fencing, you must clear the entire line of dense grasses, shrubs, brush, and trees. This process makes it easier for your team to work, but it also ensures the integrity of your fence line over time. Any brush or trees that infringe on the fence can damage it. 

Klassen Blade Contracting can assist with clearing the land intended for your fence line from trees and other vegetation. No matter the size of your property, our team can expertly clear large distances.

Grubbing & Stump Removal

You may think your problems are over once a tree has been cut down and removed. However, the stump and roots left behind can cause problems. Stumps and roots can be an eyesore, but they also have the potential to attract pests, fungi and diseases as they decay.

If you plan on developing the land, it can impact your project’s progression and safety. So, it is important to properly remove stumps and roots to avoid issues down the line. Klassen Blade Contracting can efficiently remove tree stumps and roots with our grubbing and stump removal services.