Land Clearing & Mulching Equipment

Having to halt a land clearing project because the correct equipment was unavailable can not only be frustrating but also cost you time and money. Klassen Blade Contracting has an extensive fleet of land clearing and mulching equipment to accommodate any job. We are set up for a wide variety of tree clearing applications.

Klassen Blade Contracting’s state-of-the-art equipment includes mulchers ranging between 100hp to 500hp. Our mulchers are also rubber and steel tracked to meet the demands of different applications. For example, if you have land that needs to be cleared with soft areas of muskeg, our low ground pressure mulchers are ideal for those working conditions.

We also have excavators with mulcher heads and grapple shears. This equipment is capable of removing trees that impose a danger on powerlines. It is also capable of adapting to steep slopes and wet areas.

Our other support equipment includes semis and lowboys for heavy haul and mobilization.

And to keep our fleet of land clearing equipment running to meet your needs better, we have the support of mechanics and service trucks on our team. Our other support equipment includes parts trailers, generators and office trailers.

Contact Klassen Blade Contracting today if you would like to learn more about our fleet of equipment and how they can meet the needs of your land clearing and mulching project.