Frequently Asked Questions

How is land clearing done?

We utilize mulchers to provide efficient tree removal services with minimal impact on the environment.

We have a large fleet of equipment which we can tailor to the needs of your project. Contact the Klassen Blade Contracting team today if you would like to learn more about land clearing and our services.

What kind of land clearing equipment do you have?

Klassen Blade Contracting has an extensive fleet of land clearing equipment to ensure they can efficiently get the job done, regardless of size. Our large fleet of equipment ensures that we can help complete your land clearing and mulching project from start to finish.

Our land clearing equipment fleet, includes:

  • Mulchers ranging between 100hp to 500hp
  • Low ground pressure mulchers for soft ground conditions and underground utilities.
  • Excavators with mulcher heads and grapple shears
  • Service trucks & mobilization equipment

How does land clearing affect the environment?

Traditional pile and burn land clearing methods have significantly impacted the environment. For example, piling and burning trees and other plants can affect soil quality, the vegetation's ability to regrow and emissions from burning vegetation are sent into the atmosphere.

Klassen Blade Contracting is committed to providing environmentally friendly land clearing and vegetation control services. We use mulchers to remove unwanted trees, brush and vegetation. 

Does Klassen Blade Contracting have insurance and safety standards in place?

Klassen Blade Contracting is committed to upholding strict safety standards for all land clearing and mulching projects we take on. We hold a SECOR certification, adequate WCB coverage and liability insurance. We are also members of ISNetworld, Comply Works, Alberta Construction Safety Association and CAGC – Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors.

Will tree stumps be left over?

Klassen Blade Contracting's land clearing services offer stump removal and grubbing. 

What area do you provide land clearing services?

We are based out of Central Alberta; however, we provide land clearing and mulching services throughout Alberta.

Do you offer FireSmart services?

Klassen Blade Contracting does offer FireSmart services. We have extensive experience as we have cleared 1000 hectares throughout Alberta. We work efficiently to help prevent the spread of wildfires by selectively clearing trees and vegetation that may become fuel for wildfires.